Weaving Yarn

Our Supplier, Sangam Spinners, is one of the largest manufacturers of polyester viscose dyed yarn in South Asia. An ISO 9001 : 2008 certified organization, it is reckoned as a market leader in PV dyed yarn segment. The company today has more than 236,000 spindles and 2300 rotors to produce polyester, viscose dyed, blended yarn and 100% cotton yarn with an annual production capacity of 77,000 MT. Major part of the total yarn production consists of all varieties of P/V dyed yarns used in the manufacturing of suiting, shirting, knitting and carpet. The division is also known for producing and exporting high quality cotton from S-6 Quality. Equipped with the latest technology and driven by a dedicated team of professionals, the company has been maintaining its leadership position since over a decade.


Per Annum
SYNTHETIC RING SPUN YARNS100% Polyester/Viscose/ Acrylic/ Modal/
Bamboo/ Tencel and their blends
Available in Raw white, Melanges and
Solid shades
10s - 50s in
Single & Double
FANCY YARNCotton/Linen Blends,
Poly/Cotton blends, Viscose/Wool Blends,
Poly /Viscose Blends,Poly/Viscose/Wool Blends,
Poly/Viscose/Acrylic Blends,
Injection Slubs and Normal Slubs,
Industrial Yarn for carpet, Neppy Yarn, Jaspe Yarn
10s -50s in
Single & Double
12500 MT
(Ring & Open End)
100% Cotton Yarn (Combed and Carded Yarn) Compact Yarn
Slub Yarn, Siro Yarn — Elitwist
Cotton Lycra Yarn
End use: Knitting and Weaving
Available in single and double
10s - 40s in Combed  8s - 30s in Carded
2/30 to 2/50 carded/ combed and Siro yarn
6s - 30s in Carded
(Open End)
30000 MT
INDIGO DYED YARN100% Cotton/ Viscose/ Modal/Tencel
Siro/Eli-twist yarn, Slub Yarn/Neppy Yarn End use: Knitting and Weaving
10s-40s3000 MT
KNITTED FABRICSingle Jersey/RlB/lnterlock/Pique/Looper(Terry) Indigo knits
Available with/without Lycra
(Cotton and Synthetic Blends)
Tubular & open width - 26 machines4000 MT
SUITINGS/ SHIRTING FABRICPolyester/Viscose, Polyester/ Cotton, Poly / Viscose / Spandex, 100% Cotton PV Lycra, Poly / Viscose / Linen, Poly / Viscose / Wool & Polyester Woollen segment with variety of premium finishesGSM 150-30030 Million
DENIM FABRICSCotton Denim - Rigid and Stretch
Cotton Polyester - Rigid and Stretch
Denim with Linen/Excel/Tencel/Modal/Slub 100% Tencel
Availability: Basic, Ring Slub, OE Slub, Multicolour Cross Hatch
Shades: Indigo/SBET/lBST, Sulphur and Ecru version with all kinds of finishes
4 oz to 14.5 oz48 Million
Active Wear-Legging,Sports Bra,T-shirt,Tank Top,Jacket,Perf Tee,Track Pant,Cycling shorts.
Intimate Wear-Basic bra,Briefs,Camisole,Tube bra,Thong,Boy shorts.
Shape Wear-Thigh shapewear,Tummy tucker,Brief shapewear,Shaper shorts.
58 Machines5 Million Pieces PA

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